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saltwater aquarium 29 gL biocube set-up with ALL the extras! Receipts for Original Purchase 4/12/13 for sale in Arlington, TX buy in US, Free Classifieds Ads

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WE WILL DELIVER!!!!! Don't worry, we know how hard it is to move an established aquarium. So, we are happy to deliver to any reasonable location. We are moving just outside of Austin and do not want to take it apart and move it HOURS away. Plus, we will be staying with our family until our home is ready so all of our things will go into storage....And, we really need the $ for our move. We would rather sell the aquarium to a good home who will love it and buy a new one once we are settled. WE HAVE LOVED THIS THING! The first pic is my daughter hugging it. Complete set-up is Ready for your fish! This is a brand new saltwater aquarium purchased on April 2, 2013. It has all the extras! Google it and you will see, It's a more than $1200 tank (without the extras, but we bought it on a GREAT sale.) We still have the receipts which shows more than $900 spent initially... (and that does NOT include all the other things that have been added since...) I have included a pic of the receipt so you can see that this is no exaggeration. The ONLY reason we are trying to sell this is because we are moving!!!. We are moving out of town (and it's about 4 hours away to drive) and do not want to worry about taking it apart and packing it up for transporting it safely. But, we WILL be buying a Biocube once we are settled in Austin. It is amazing! We purchase the set-up under the guidance and advisement of an expert salt water aquarium keeper. So we are sue that all of this is exactly the right equipment for the fish. Included in this saltwater aquarium set up is the tank which has curved edges, no corners, so your fish and creatures are fully visible all the time, the Actinic Bluelight compact fluorescent which helps the coal and fish grow- like the Sunlight, the additional Luna Blue "Night" LED system which is a dark blue Moon light, and a "White light" LED which is made for viewing every detail of the aquarium clearly, The lighting system has LED's and florescent and can be individually programmed, the aquarium heater and a digital water thermometer, the purifiers, integrated wet/dry biological filtration- the live rocks that you can configure however you want, Biocube protein skimmer, Ultraviolet Sterilizer, Circulation pump- current or wave maker, and the black Biocube stand made specifically for the tank. It's really nice because saltwater tanks have to have all sorts of things to simulate the natural ocean, but with the Biocube, it's a complete ecosystem and self-sustaining, really. I like that you don't see all the cords and switches and mechanical things- you just see a beautiful mini-ocean reef. Also included is the master saltwater testing kit of 6 different chemicals, and the omega one fish food perfect for clown-fish and other reef fish... maybe even a snail or hermit cab (if we don't give them to our friend...) You have EVERYTHING you need to have you own saltwater fish. In the pic is our clowns, Marlin and Nemo. They are not included. They are being fostered for us. Call or text ASAP. You can email, but I don't check it as often. Remember, we are moving SOON, so let us know you are interested. Thank you for looking! I hope that whoever buys this enjoys it as much as we have! We will accept the first reasonable offer. 8174017979 *We may consider SOME trades with cash $400. - Free Classified Ads in US on Craigslist